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29 November 2005


the quitter

not only is democracy a fraud but the U.S. version of it is downright anti-democratic. let's put aside, for the moment, just how rephrensible our elected leaders can be. representative? how can that be when rhode island has the same number of senators as california?


comandante agi t. prop

You have a fine way of slashing through idealism, Mr. Fundamental. Your description of the ethos of "do-gooder" liberal political activism is one of my main peevs with liberals in general.

In the end, democracy may be a joke, but it's the best there is. I'm not sure where that leaves us. We get the choice of a broken & flawed system versus no system at all. No system would be nasty, brutish and short I assume.

mr fun

I'm glad to see we're all americans, here.


Defeatism is the American ethos of the 21st Century. If you need any proof, just look at the proliferation of celebrity news and ambivalence to endless war, Global Warming, and abuse of power. Thank God there's plenty of methamphetamine in this country to artificially stimulate some type of reaction to stimuli.


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