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31 October 2005


Aliso Viejo, CA - as in, Aliso Viejo p/b Gillette/PG&E/Nabisco (insert corporation here)?

nicely done.

the quitter

i used to live in that shit-hole a few years ago. it has exactly ONE thing going for it. Access - without driving a car - to some excellent mountain biking.

of course every one drives their cars there.

agi t. prop

I hate Aliso Viejo. Mrs. Prop calls it the arm pit of the OC, for both cultural and geographical reasons.

born in jersey. I know armpit.

agi t. prop

Yeah, it ain't Jersey. The irony is that the dude's house was a few blocks away from the buddhist university. So much for peace and meditation...

agi t. prop

Maybe they'll say he was goth or something. That always works...

a shizzle

I think they were implying that on the news.

I blame marilyn manson.

agi t. prop

Now they're saying it's because the guy had Asperger's syndrome.

the quitter

i'll say it hampered his ability to interact socially.

The messages paint a portrait of a troubled young man struggling with Asperger's syndrome, a neurological disorder described as a variant of autism that hampers people's ability to interact socially. He revealed his anguish and frustration on a website,, used by people with Asperger's.
Herr "Ausweiss, bitte"

Don't you get it YET????? It's clearly Hollywood's fault. It didn't escape my attention that this took place in CALIFORNIA... the state of CALIFORNICATION!!!

The evil tendrils of HOLLYWOOD run rampart over the land.

A Born_Again collegue of mine recently told me that what Hollywood does is WAY WORSE THAN WAR.

Wake up, people!!

the quitter

way worse than war? is that a true quote? if so, that is awesome. i need to meet this person.

Mrs. Smith

You guys are well aware of the fact that it was either Aliso Viejo or Mission Viejo that moved to ban water right? The whole story was that someone put forth a bill banning the use and consumption of hydrogen oxide because it was harmful. The bill like 2003-04.

Sad sad stupid people.

reverend quitter

yep, mrs. smith. we suck.

and i believe it was the oddly named Aliso Viejo that banned water. to double the confusion, the Aliso Viejo city council actually has a self-proclaimed green party member. go figure. and Mission Viejo has no mission and is not old.

coach wallets

Happiness is them most precious thing in life. Without it, a man will feel that his ill fate has taken charge him and the world is utterly dark and dreadful.

john doe

You are all stupid haters who probably live in the Inland Empire. Eat rats and suck on your third cuz titz.

Crusader AXE

El Serracho wrote this about six years ago and you're bitching about it now, Mister Female Deer? I strongly recommend getting a bit of a life...

el serracho

wow, good times back when commenters existed. hello mr. female dear. did you have a point of some kind?

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