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26 October 2005


mr fun

social services show weakness. we are not weak. we are america!

don't some of the terrorist groups in israeli region provide social services and such to the poor and starving? what a bad idea THAT is. that would be a horrible way to gain support.

we must bomb them til they love us.

Richard Nixon from beyond the grave!!!

the pinko press has a life all it's own.

agi t. prop

mr. fun - yeah, like Hamas, or is it Hummus?

War is good business. It not only gets high ratings on TV and helps sell advertising but also allows benevolent American corporations to increase their profits. I can't wait until we attack Syria!

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Isn't finding WMD really just an articial benchmark thrown up by people with an agenda...opps, that's right, there was no WMD. Err, isn't getting Osama Bin Laden just an artificial benchmark thrown up by people with an agenda?

2000 is a nice, graspable number. 50,000 starts to make it complicated. So, yeah, 2000 is worth noting -- but you know, tot a certain extent it's like hamburgers served at McDonalds. It means what it means...

In this case, Cheney-Bush-Condi-Rummy-Tommy Franks have killed 2000 Americans, crippled thousands more and killed and maimed Jesus only knows how many Iraqis...and, the price of oil still goes up.

did you see Steven Colbert Wed night? the rerun was last night. too good.

"2000? well, we lost 23,000 in one battle at Antietam. what's the big deal?"

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