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27 October 2005


agi t. prop

I'm all for dumping toxic sludge in the homes of the "top one percent" of America.


just 2 things mr. fun.

"..even the most rabid free market capitalist recognizes that there are limits to the Earth and its resources and capacity to handle pollution."

uhhh bullshit. if they do, the ones that do, just don't care.

secondly, if i were to have a lifetime daily dose of anything, it would be riboflavin. easy to get - it's in pretty much any processed food in the word, and nobody really knows what it is.

either that or guacamole.

they should not care. neither should you. here's why. yes there are limits and they are recognizable. like when supply drops prices rise and people will find alternatives. heck, people in portland oregon are finding alternatives that suite their needs and values before anything bad happens. or is happening. the rabid free marketers don't care about natural resources because they're only inanimate objects. so many people are so against materialistic lifestyles and they tend to btslame rabid free market capitalists/sm for this style of living, when really, rabid free market capitalists could give two shits about materials or materialistic lifestyles. they care only for ideas, ideas that people want and will trade their money for. and ideas are the only thing that will get us out of any trouble with global climate change or pollution.

I blame everyone but me. it's much easier that way.

and no one's fat stores are safe from pollution. remember that. we're all in this together.

rev. quitter

you speak as if we are talking about people who apply reason to their decisions. many of the same people who use their chosen superstition to explain away the science of natural selection also use to to explain away the effects of their "economic development" on the world around them.

it's god's will mr fun. he will protect us. it's the end times mr. fun. this is god's nation, that's why it's ok for us to use up 80% of the worlds oil. that new big box store will bring in tax revenue. if i dump sludge in this river, the people downriver will find an alternative. i should be allowed to do whatever i want, it's MY business.

come to think of it, they may be right.

count me in!

you could always bring the sludge to them.,1,2931000.story?coll=la-headlines-world

unless you want to follow the law, of course.

Jesus made me do it. honest your honor.

I want to be the first to take a nice steaming hot crap on the white house steps.

all the wrong reasons, Reverend. may I call you the Irreverend? that's much more fitting here at DC.

I see what you're saying, Irreverend. but it's still not going to stop me from driving home tonight, eating a gallon of meat, masturbating in my own feces with a goat watching, and then falling asleep on my vealskin bed after washing down a couple of sleeping pills with nyquil and Jack Daniels. this cold is annoying.

but I mean, punish me all you want. I like punishment, it's kinda kinky.

tomorrow's another day.

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

Market forces. These guys actually think the world ended with Adam Smith -- the cold, dead hand of the market will fix the economy if enough people want too. Insane, of course -- certifiable I think...

so you think that people aren't the answer?

well done, crusader mike.

agi t. prop

people suck

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