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22 October 2005


Comandante Agi

This message is for all you web surfers who stumble onto this post looking for Fight Club quotes...


Fight Club is the ultimate absurd joke.

The film uses an anti-consumerist message to fuel the fires of consumerism. DVDs, books, soundtracks, posters, fan websites, merchandise have earned millions of dollars for 20th century Fox.

By quoting this film you are merely fueling the very object of your criticism. Are you serious? Is Brad Pitt really the spokesman for anti-materialism? That is paradox within itself. Edward Norton—maybe. But Pitt? Come the fuck on! Brad Pitt saying “you are not a beautiful and unique snowflake” when he is in fact a beautiful and unique snowflake.

But David Fincher, the slick stylist behind The Game and Seven, is so enamored of commercial stylings that Fight Club’s visuals consistently supplant its script; the film’s lame jabs at consumerism go over with all the force of the "Drink Responsibly" tag at the end of a beer commercial. Fight Club is fast and entertaining, even astonishing, but it’s a gilded toy, a Chinese box with nothing inside. It’s a 140-minute commercial that tells you not to buy things.

Hey culture jammers...Read this!

Is quoting Fight Club an effective way to oppose mass society?

Think again...

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