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27 September 2005


the quitter

shit, isn't this one of the four whoresmen of the apocolypse? he promised me that he'd never sell out the american way of life.

what gives?

Crusader AXE

I didn't see the speech. I try not to see anything around this guy. I assume there were power point slides up in the background; I wonder how much a screen that big costs...

Was Dick Cheney chewing on his ankles? I thought their take was any effort at not being greedy, wasteful assholes was a victory for the terrorists.

So, let's see what this clown has sold out...besides the American way of life. However, have you seen that freaking truck at his ranch. A F250 dualie King Ranch King gets yards to the gallon not miles.

mr. fundamental

all I have to say is...he is not concerned with the american way of life if he is telling us to conserve...I bet he speaks for his oil business cronies who (are beginning to) realize that they don't have the capacity to handle such major damage from storms...get it? "hey um america, right. yeah you need to slow down so my buddies in the oil industry can play catch up, because really they were just asleep at the wheel...kinda like FEMA. oh wait did I say that out loud? anywhoha, we need more time to repair stuff that we should have been prepared if ya'll could just conserve a little we'll be back online in no time. ayuh."

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