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  • Relax and stay awhile. Join us in discussion. We mean you no harm. We only seek to defeat ourselves.


One-Line Bio

I'm four Mexican midget wrestlers, Spiro Agnew's ghost, and a goat.


El Derrotista, Michoacán, Mexico 1983

Our Mythological Beginnings

When I was 13 I joined the Mexican army where I met a handsome and caring Generalissimo (Do they have those in Mexico?). He educated me in the ways of Lao Tzu and the ancient Taoist masters. When I turned 23 I was abducted by little green men from the planet Zork. They split me into six separate beings...these six manifestations of my spirit became known as the defeatists!

Our Goal

Conquer the world, one loss, one victim, one defeated hero at a time. Spread our left-wing anarcho-libertarian philosophy throughout cyberspace. Encourage others to capitulate.

What Is Defeatism?

A way of thinking or behaving that shows that you lack any hope and expect to fail. Defeatism is acceptance and content with defeat without struggle.

No, but really?

We are individuals mostly of a left-libertarian persuasion who find some enjoyment in posting rants on this here blog.

Honestly, we're not this weird in person...


defeatism, giving up, procrastination, capitulation, waiting to die but having fun in the process, exposing government hobbitery