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06 December 2007



There is nothing more annoying on this earth than Chuck Fucking Norris, except people who think he's the shit, maybe. O.K. I admit I had an old roommate I didn't get along with and they loved him. Owned tee-shirts with his image on them. So, yes...I am biased in this statement. Doesn't make it any less true.


So if he loses it's God's doing as well?


If it is all god's doing, why bother campaigning at all? Why show up for the debate? I hate these demented fuckwits.


My favorite thing about Chuck Norris is his extensive business with Russian Mobsters.

You know, evil Russian, former KGB, Mobsters, the kind Chuck usually spin kicks and then shoots with a rocket launcher?

Chuck loves his night club casino "Chuck Norris' Club Beverly Hills" located in the bottom of one of Stalin's Seven Sister Communist-Gothic skyscrapers in downtown Moscow Russia. You can't get accross the place without bumping into a hooker.

I wonder if Huckabee is in business with the Russian Mob too?


Chuck's a poser, anyway. Always has been. Without the magic of Hollywood, he'd have had his ass handed to him a long time ago. This, from a REAL Martial Artist.. his moves are pretty.. but they aren't practical.


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