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25 October 2006



Is that a young Ken Mehlman?


What, Rove couldn't convince the kid to stay in there a few days for a distracting media spectacle?

"It's hour 16 of Baby Buster's plight, Katie. The boy's mother criticized rescue workers after firefighters lowered a peanut butter sandwich into the chute and Baby Buster refused to eat. Apparently the crust was not removed and it was cut into rectagles rather than triagles."

"Thirty hours in, and Baby Buster's ordeal has taken a turn for the worse. The 'potty dance' has ended badly. Most badly for one very unfortunate Elmo puppet. All media eyes remain on events here, albeit from a wider perimeter now. We'll keep you posted. Back to the studio."

Republicans couldn't buy better coverage than that.


They couldn't at least give the kid a Smurf or something?


Now there's an idea-- let's sell our children to Asia to finance the war and the tax cuts to the wealthy.

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