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20 April 2006



Regarding how this all started, Michelle Malkin went to a cached page, took a screenshot, and posted the image on her site because didn't like the politics of the people. It's not her place to justify the disclosing of this information because she deemed that they were terrorizing people. That's an issue for the Santa Cruz police department to deal with, not her own brand of vigilante justice.

As for her own personal details - Malkin included that on her own e-mail list and that's how it went public. She launched her personal information about herself BY herself.

And the anti-racist One People's Project website promptly released her new details.

Someone took it a step further and used and yahoo maps to do a Graphic.

Payback's a bitch eh' Malkin?

Her refusal to remove these kids contact information was not from conviction, but from revenue. Every journalist in the world knows that contact information on a press release is for journalists to call for more information or interviews, not to be published (or even pointed out) in the publication itself. If she were any kind of ethical person she would have pulled the information when asked.

If she were something resembling a human being with "feelings", she would not have republished the information once the students themselves removed it. Michelle is a vicious, vindictive, venomous egoist with no discernible ethics nor even a shred of human decency. If she wants to be The Minority Woman Who Believes Minorities and Women Suck, that's her right. But she should at least have the integrity to acknowledge that she has done wrong and to stop compounding the wrong. And she should not give us that disingenuous crap about how she doesn't condone death threats and nobody should misuse her posting and reposting of personal information.


well said themole. however, i won't be crank calling anyone today. i think we are just making it worse by acting like her..even if i DO find it funny.


but she probably deserves some mile harrasment just on principle. the number will probably be changed by the time you read this but go for it.

Comandante Agi

Call the number. Do it! Do it now!


It is high time that someone rape this pinay bitch with a broken beer bottle, and now we know where to find her

mr fun

someone want to block this 'me' poster?

fucking sicko.

the serrach

yeah, "me" is blocked, at least from the IP that he posted that from. i'm going to leave the comment up there though. it's truly truly american. michelle has her death threatening minions and the left has freaks like that.

hey "me", we ain't democrats, we are not the left, we are not your friend. the enemy of your enemy hates you too.


Somehow I knew the Germans would be involved.

Comandante Agi

Sick indeed. I considered deleting that comment last night...but it truly demonstrates the mess we are in...the clash of fundamentalisms...right wing wackos vs. left wing wackos. System thinkers will be the death of us all!

the serrach

hey e,

what's the 5 all about?



I'm sure she did not post herself on here like this. Just because you dont agree with a persons views doesnt mean you should be so childish and irresponsible. Sometimes you should ask yourself if what I'm doing is right. Posting this phone number is not and you should realize that. Good Job swift.

Comandante Agi

call the number, Scott - and then you'll understand the real meaning of this post


You are an idiot Michelle Malkin!


You are an idiot Michelle Malkin!

Crusader AXE of the Lost Causes

The continuing saga of Defeatism in our time. People support us illiterately a year late...


I love her


m. malkin is hot. i would totally do her.


You people are disgusting! Shame on any of you trying to stand on some kind of moral soapbox while needlessly smearing this girl behind the anonymity of the internet. Very disgusting indeed. MM has way more guts than you people!

Crusader AXE

Dear Rip, err, Rob.

Oh my. Outrage has context, and this goes back to 2006. Since rational human beings no longer pay much more attention to M&M than they do Annie "lydia the tatooed lady" Coulter, this has no context. Seek help from a qualified mental health practitioner -- or let us know and I'll be happy to send you a specially prepared, free, non-FDA approved (Just the way MM likes it!) combination abortion/self-lobotomy kit.

If you want to be outraged by something, at least get outraged by something we're currently saying here or various other places; or, get outraged about something years ago that has more meaning than this.

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